NEM 3.0 is coming


What does NEM 3.0 mean for solar?

NEM 3.0 makes putting excess energy back into the public grid less attractive because of lower credits and higher electricity rates. So instead, use the surplus energy to power your home with a backup storage system when solar panels can’t produce energy.

What can you do?

Simple Power can help you to maximize your savings by installing the latest solar technology, including batteries, to ensure that you are NEM 3.0 ready and your system is running efficiently and safely. With incentives currently available, it's the perfect time to make the switch to solar. With the addition of batteries, you'll be able to store excess energy for later use and save even more money on electricity costs.
  • $10 connection fee
  • Fair market value for the energy put out into the grid
  • Iock in the same rate for 20 years!
  • You can save up to 50% on vour current energy bill
NEM 3 is not as simple
  • $15 connection fee
  • Exchange rate will change hourly with where and when you produce power
  • 15-year agreement with energy company
  • If you include a battery in your energy system with NEM 3.0- You could still save up to 10% on vour current energy bill.
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Louise Booth

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Brian Black

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