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Simple Power helps you to harness the sun’s energy and take control of energy costs. Generate your own solar power, a renewable, efficient source of clean energy. Use solar panels in Dallas, TX to reduce your energy costs and have extremely low maintenance costs. The benefits are numerous when it comes to solar power, but you need to be sure you are installing the most efficient system for your needs with the best solar company in Dallas, TX that will provide support throughout the lifetime of the system.

Best Solar Panels Companies in Dallas TX

Our Simple Power solar team will evaluate your home or business, and design and install the most affordable solar in Dallas, TX, with an effective system guaranteed to meet your needs. We ensure maximum savings and peace of mind with our skilled technicians available for support during the system’s lifetime. Each home or business offers unique needs due to size, shape, angle, and energy use. Simple Power ensures that your home or building is rigorously evaluated to ensure the most effective system is installed for the lowest cost. We work with all types of clients and budgets and offer financing to save you money. The system is also transferrable to a new home buyer if you sell your home.

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Control your energy costs! Let us do the work!

From design and site inspection to sourcing and Solar PV system installation, our Simple Power team in Dallas, TX does all the work for you. You answer a few simple questions and let us do the rest. No more utility rate hikes, you lock in your power rates for the next 20+ years! Let us install your solar panels in Dallas, TX.



Control your company budget by reducing your energy bill, just make the switch to solar power.

Simple Power is the leading commercial solar company throughout Texas, Nevada, and California. Solar power is an affordable alternative with generous state and federal incentives offering even more savings. Work with the best solar company in Dallas, TX.

Looking at a certain company? We use their products. Looking at a loan? We offer them. Tired of wasting time getting multiple quotes from different companies? Give us a call and let us do the work for you. We’ll get a quote from each company you are interested in.

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You may be considering solar and have some solar companies in Dallas, TX in mind. Let us save you time, we will get quotes from all the companies you are considering, and we can use their products. Let us do the leg work and provide you with the most affordable solar you can find in Dallas. We provide free consultations and free quotes. If you sign up and refer a friend, we provide $500 for referrals.

Find the perfect system for you with our set packages. Not sure what you need? Let us know the details and we’ll give you a free quote!

“The installation was very fast and was completed in a day. Now, I’ve got solar energy powering my home!”


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We offer $500 for referrals

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