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The benefits of going solar are undeniable –  while also doing your part to help the environment. However, not all solar companies are created equal. Simple Power, with its award-winning team, has the ability to work with unique homes, locations, all types of clients, budgets, and financing.

Our knowledgeable staff will design and install your solar system, while also offering support throughout the system’s lifetime, ensuring maximum savings and peace of mind.

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Take control of your power bills!

We take care of everything from design and site inspection to sourcing and Solar PV system installation. All you have to do answer a few easy questions, sit back, relax and watch it all come together. Avoid constant rate hikes from the utility company. Lock in lower electricity rates for 20+ years and say goodbye to your old electric bill.


Your business can break away from high electric bills by switching to solar power!

Simple Power has been the chosen solar company for commercial solar installations throughout California, Nevada, and Texas. Generous state and federal incentives make commercial solar far more affordable than paying your ever increasing electric bill. Find out how much you could save.

Looking at a certain company? We use their products. Looking at a loan? We offer them. Tired of wasting time getting multiple quotes from different companies? Give us a call and let us do the work for you. We’ll get a quote from each company you are interested in.

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Find the perfect system for you with our set packages. Not sure what you need? Let us know the details and we’ll give you a free quote!

“The installation was very fast and was completed in a day. Now, I’ve got solar energy powering my home!”


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