Get clean, uninterrupted backup power for your entire home with Tesla Powerwall

Get clean, uninterrupted backup power for your entire home with Tesla Powerwall.

Reliable Solar Power for Your Whole Home

Simple Power is helping Americans take control of their home energy. Through Simple Power’s premium solar storage service, you can now get whole home backup with Tesla Powerwall for as little as $0 down.

Leaders in Solar Technology and Service

Tesla’s smart home battery, Powerwall, has brought high-quality, renewable energy and backup power to homes and businesses across the country. Tesla Powerwall’s standards are hard to beat, and Simple Power is committed to serving our customers with benefits like free maintenance and repairs.

As America’s leading residential solar and battery storage company, Simple Power is proud to meet your energy needs with industry-leading solar products, superior service, and custom solar and storage plans.

Whole Home Backup with Powerwall

With Simple Power and Tesla Powerwall, a brighter future starts today. Request your free quote to connect with our expert Solar Advisors, so they can help you create a custom solar storage solution to meet your unique energy needs.

Uninterrupted Power

Now, you have the option to power your entire home* through a blackout. In the event of an outage, your battery provides complete, continuous power and recharges daily when the sun rises.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We monitor your system 24/7. If your solar panels or Powerwall aren’t working at their full capacity, we’ll send an expert over to fix it.

Rate Protection

Access power when you need it most. For some regions, solar batteries use Powerwall to provide electricity during peak demand times, buffering you from high rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Tesla Powerwall will automatically disconnect from the grid in the event of a power outage and restore power in your home in a matter of seconds. Your rooftop solar panels will continue to recharge your Powerwall until the grid is up and running again. 

Just like solar panels, the number of Tesla Powerwalls you need will be determined by your unique energy needs and habits—but for some customers, one Powerwall may be sufficient. Your Solar Advisor will help you evaluate your energy usage to customize a solar system that sufficiently backs up your entire home. Request a free quote today.

Tesla Powerwall holds an impressive 13.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of usable capacity, with a maximum power rating of 5.0 kilowatts (kW). Usable capacity is the amount of electricity stored in the battery that can be used, while power is the maximum amount of electricity a battery can discharge at one time.

It also has a Depth of discharge (DoD) of 100%, making it one of the most advanced solar batteries on the market today. DoD is a percentage indicating the amount of energy a battery discharges relative to its overall capacity—the higher the DoD, the better the battery.

A certified Tesla Powerwall installer will mount Powerwall on the wall, usually inside your garage or outside of your home. 

You can make Tesla Powerwall a part of your home backup plan for as little as $0 down. Our plans come with worry-free performance and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. You can also choose to purchase your system through Simple Power.

See which financing options are available in your area and get in touch with a Solar Advisor today.

At this time, Tesla Powerwall is only available to new Simple Power customers. We can’t install Tesla Powerwall if you already have an existing solar installation or if it isn’t offered in your area.